JDS-04F Drawer Connector
JDS-04F Drawer Connector
Part No.: JDS-04F
Connector Type: Drawer Connector
Mechanical Life: 1000 cycles
Insulation Resistance: ≥1000MΩ
Housing Material: PBT G6 UL94V-0 black
Special Feature:

JDS series module power connectors adopt advanced crown spring socket and silver plating to ensure product contact reliability Reliable connection, soft insertion and removal, low insertion force, low contact resistance, high load current, and excellent performance This series of products are mainly used in: charging piles, UPS power supply, railway signal power supply, communication power supply, power supply, power quality, photovoltaic, etc.

Electrical Specifications
  Power Contact Signal Contact
Contact Size 2#
Pin Size
Quantity 4
Rated Current(A)
Rated Voltage(V) /
Contact Resistance(mΩ)
Withstand Voltage(V) 3000
Surface Material Silver plated over nickel
Terminal Style crimping(Y)
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature –55 to +125℃
Relative Humidity 98% (40 ℃)
Vibration 10~2000Hz (acceleration 147m/s2)
Shock Acceleration 980m/s2
Drawing and Installation Dimensions
Contacts Terminal Style
Crimping Solder Cup PCB tail Internal Thread External Thread
Y H B B(curved needle) N W

Remark: terminal type shown for pin contact, the number of pin contacts same as the sockets, besides, the crimping terminal type for the male connector, but not for female connector.

Contacts Assembling
Contacts Specification Terminal
B(mm) Wire Stripping Length(mm) Lead wire Size(AWG)
22# B Φ0.8 / /
20# Y Φ1.1 6.0 20-24
H Φ1.3 4.0 /
B Φ1.0 / /
16# Y Φ1.8 6.5 16
H Φ2.2 5.0 /
B Φ1.57 / /
12# Y Φ2.7 6.5 12/14
Φ3.2 6.5 10
H Φ2.8 5.0 /
B Φ2.38 / /
8# Y Φ4.5 10.0 8/10
Φ5.8 12.5 6
H Φ4.8 6.5 /
B Φ3.6 / /
4# Y Φ7.3 12.5 4/6
N Φ5.0 / /
W Φ5.0 / /
0# Y Φ11.5 15.0 0-2
N Φ6.0 / /
W Φ6.0 / /

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