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Connectors for photovaltaic PSU

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Connectors for photovaltaic PSU

Inverters are also called power regulators, and can be divided into two types, independent power sources and grid-connected ones, according to their use in photovoltaic power generation systems. According to the waveform modulation method, it can be divided into square wave inverter, step wave inverter, sine wave inverter and combined three-phase inverter. For inverters used in grid-connected systems, they can be divided into transformer-type inverters and transformer-less inverters according to the presence or absence of transformers.

Photovoltaic inverter power connector is also called power hot-swap terminal and aviation plug.

Apluspower Co., Ltd., with independent research and development as its core, is committed to designing and producing power connectors with greater current density. JDS series photovoltaic inverter connector:


This photovoltaic inverter power connector, that is, the power terminal supports hot plugging, and the crown spring jack ensures that the product has good dynamic contact reliability. It is mainly used for communication, power, UPS, frequency converter, rail transit, photovoltaic and electric vehicles Charging piles, charging systems and other industries. The product has passed UL certification (UL file number E470398)

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