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Interchange with tyco power connectors

(07/09/2020, chris / )

JDS series drawer connectors can interchange with tyco power connectors

Our JDS series drawer connectors are modular power interconnects for direct current (DC) power, alternating current (AC) power, and signal. They provide multiple configurations, and each position can accommodate a different contact. Enabled by our modular tooling, our JDS series drawer product customization gives you the exact configurations you need for each application. These compatible power connectors are available for a range of applications, including data center, industrial, energy, and medical.


Specifications of JDS series Drawer Power Connectors:


Custom Configuration: Expandable and modular mold

Touch-Safe: Fully shrouded power contacts

Higher Connectivity and Lower Mating Forces: Uses the new CROWN SPRING contact design

Easy Handling: With existing hand tools, you can easily terminate the contact and remove it from the housing

Terminal style: crimping(Y),PCB tail(B),solder cup(H)


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